Duke News – Jan. 29

Speech Results

Here are your results from the speech meet on Saturday at Lincoln Northeast.

York received 5th place in overall team sweepstakes! GREAT JOB DUKES!

Next In – Duet
Logan Johnson / Lucy Haarmann – 2nd
Bradyn Elliot / Elliot Dallmann – 1st

Next In – Informative
Holly Rockenbach – 5th

Champs – Entertainment
Grace Sinsel – 2nd

Next In Persuasive
Kaitlyn Phinney – 4th

Champs Serious
Emily Baldridge – 5th

Next In Serious
Emily Biel – 3rd

Kathleen Esser – 3rd

Champs OID
Elias Dallmann, Kinsley Flynt, Jesse Atchison, Emily Baldridge, Brianna Cobb – 2nd

Erika Hinz, Emilee Knutzen, Jennifer Rodriguez, Holly Rockenbach, Lucy Haarmann – 3rd

Next In OID

Anne Thomas, Aislinn Luther, Andrea Saxer, Laura Eckhart, Lauren Peters – 2nd

York received 3rd in the coloring contest.

C10C Wrestling Tournament

The Central Conference Wrestling Tournament is scheduled for this Saturday at Aurora. Matches will begin at 9:30am.

Striv Sports Football Video

Over the past two months, Striv Sports has been working on a feature video of all Striv schools participating in the football state championships. That video was released yesterday. It is divided into chapters with York being the 6th and final chapter, titled “Finished.” You can jump to York’s chapter at 59:00. See the video here:

Parent’s Night

Saturday night, the Dukes will host Columbus Lakeview in basketball at 6 and 7:30. This will also be parent’s night. Players should be bringing a letter home that will serve as the admission ticket for parents. We encourage everyone to come out and see the Dukes and help us say THANK YOU to all of the parents and guardians that help make our success possible behind the scenes.

Duke Media Page

Visit the new media page to see collections of graphics and media from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. grouped by topic. Due to recent requests, if you have an inquiry about graphics for a poster or print, please contact Lance Smith at the high school. The media page can be seen HERE.


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